Sara La Kali [Weltmusik]

RELEASE: 26.09.2008

LABEL: Chat Chapeau

VERTRIEB: Soulfood


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Worldmusic-Einflüsse finden sich in vielen Bereichen der Pop- und Club Musik. !DelaDap definieren ihren ganz eigenen, sehr groovigen Stilmix aus Roma-Roots, edlem Jazz und urbaner Elektronik selbstbewusst als „Nu-Gypsy“. Vor allem ihre temperamentvollen Shows begeistern das Publikum. !DelaDap interpretieren die stolze Eleganz der Roma sowohl musikalisch als auch optisch für das 21. Jahrhundert neu und fügen der reichen Musikwelt der Roma eine weitere, eigene Facette hinzu.

Das dritte Album „Sara La Kali“ (die Schutzheilige der Roma) lebt besonders von der Magie der Stimmen, dem Mysteriösen, das den Texten innewohnt, in einer Sprache die vertraut und exotisch zugleich klingt. Die Energie, die aus der Verschmelzung von traditionellen Roma-Instrumenten wie Akkordeon, Geige und Gitarre mit kraftvollen und raffiniert gesetzten Beats entsteht, verstärkt noch die besondere Emotionalität, welche die leidenschaftlichen Musiker aus dem Osten Europas in Musik umsetzen.

(Quelle: Dieter Schienhammer, Ballyoo Media, 2008)

Started in 2001 as a project idea in the studio of the prague born producer Stani Vana !DelaDap developed first into a trio later into a seven member live ensemble. By now the band turns more and more into a creativity platform for Gypsy rooted, central-european world sound.

!DelaDap Live Ensemble 2008
Stani Vana – DJ, bandleader and producer of !DelaDap. Born in Prague (CZ) living and making music in Austria since 25 years. Though not a Roma himself he was raised a part of his childhood in the Slovak mountains of the Tatra together with Roma from whom he inhaled the spirit of their musicality. Three decades later, when he returned for a holiday trip, he was hit by the idea to form a contemporary urban Roma-Gypsy band.

Aleksander Stoijc – guitar. Aleksander was born in a small village in Serbia, around 100 km from Belgrade. He started playing guitar at the age of six and when entering high school he contributed to the family’s income by playing with Gypsy Bands on weddings and other festivities. He has been studying guitar at the Conservatory in Vienna since three years and besides being on tour with !DelaDap he is preparing for several big European guitar competitions.

Jovan Torbica – Double-Bass. Jovan, originally from Montenegro, studied music in Vienna and was immediately involved in world music, improvisation and jazz. With several different groups, such as Jony Iliev Band, Tschuschenkapelle or Cookbook he performed at many international festivals including Rosckilde (DK), Womex (E) or Larmetree (GB). He also played in famous clubs and well known stages like The Spitz (London), Moods (Zürich), Birdland (Wien) and Sodratheater (Stockholm). As a highly professional studio musician he works a lot with artists such as Fanfare Ciocarlia and Martin Lubenov. His broad variaty of skills shows his interest in contemporary classic music. Since beginning of 2007 Jovan is a member of the !DelaDap tour ensemble.

Alen „Dzamba“ Dzambic – accordion. The gifted accordion player from Bosnia has played his instrument ever since he was big enough to hold one, he says. While also studying in Vienna he is regularly playing with the likes of Jony Illiev, Goran Bregovic, Martin Lubenov and others. Together with his close friend Aleks Stoijc, who is a christian Serb, the Bosnian Muslim Dzambe prooves the unifying power of music.

Pavel Shalman - violin. Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Pavel Shalman moved to New York City at the age of 10 and is now living in Vienna, Austria. He started playing the violin at the age of 4 under the teachings of his father. As a teenager (after hearing the recordings of Stephane Grappelli the legendary Jazz violinist with whom by chance or not Pavel shares his birthday) he started branching off from classical into other styles of music. He has played in such bands as Russkaja, Wiener Tschuschenkapelle and since the beginning of 2008 in !DelaDap. Pavel has toured throughout Europe and performed in international festivals such as Montreux Jazz Festival (CH), Exit Festival (RS), Donauinselfest (AT) and Gampel Open Air (CH), Jazzfestival Saalfelden (AT). Pavel also received a Bachelors degree from Vienna Conservatory in Jazz composition and arrangement.

Simona Senkiova – vocals. Simona was born in Prague where she lives together with her husband and her two childern. She is part of the Czech Roma community and she used to sing in different bands and set-ups at weddings and other festivities since she was a little girl. She had been on tour in Czechia with several bands as a backing singer until Stani Vana saw her at a Gypsy-Show in a restaurant in the city center of Prague, where she made her living at that time with a tourist show.

Kristina Gunarova – vocals. Since Autumn 2006 the beautiful young roma singer joins the !DelaDap ensemble enriching it with both, her natural charme and her chryatal clear energetic voice. Kristina and Simona know each other from childhood on and like Simona Kristina was singing in several well known Czech choires and Gypsy-jazz ensembles.

(Quelle: Chat Chapeau, 2008)


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