Wright, Milton

Spaced [Jazz]

RELEASE: 16.01.2009

LABEL: Jazzman

VERTRIEB: Groove Attack

Jazzman Records creates the finest, most comprehensive and exhaustively curated CD and LP collections of soul, jazz and funk in the world. No expense is spared in tracking down artists, producers and master tapes to provide the highest quality product that can be done. If you’re into funk or soul music – you need it!

This is the second release in our new Jazzman ‘Holy Grail’ reissue series. ’Holy Grails’ are those super-ultra rarest-of-the-rare albums that everyone wants – but nobody can find!
We aim to find and re-release these desirable and coveted soul, funk and jazz LPs on CD and limited edition numbered vinyl.

The CD booklets contain pictures, interviews and information on the making and history of the record, while the LPs are the exact copies of the original, with a unique number denoting the limited issue on the back.

Rarely on eBay and extremely hard to find, Milton Wright’s second album “Spaced” is an ultra-rare LP that soul and rare groove collectors often talk about – but never get to hear. Recorded by the same enigmatic soul singer who gave us the immortal club classic “Keep it Up”, the album “Spaced” was overlooked by his record company and the public because it was released just as superstar status was dawning on fellow label mates KC & The Sunshine Band. Overshadowed by the ensuing fame of their sidekicks, the album was suspended in a commercial no man’s land. Adding insult to injury, the piles of unsold copies were subsequently destroyed in a warehouse fire.

A few copies escaped the flames, and a few intrepid collectors have managed to track them down. Those lucky enough to hear one have been astounded that such a quality album of beautiful, soulful music has been allowed to remain unheard and unloved for so long. We’re here to put that right.

1·01 «She Can Have Anything She Wants»
1·02 «Dance Have Fun»
1·03 «Magic Music»
1·04 «All I Know Is That I Have You»
1·05 «Let's Take A Break»
1·06 «You Like To Dance»
1·07 «You Don't Even Know Me»
1·08 «Leave Me Alone»
1·09 «Be With Me»
1·10 «Job»

(Quelle: Groove Attack, 1.12.2008)


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