Velo-City: Remixed [Pop]

RELEASE: 06.03.2009

LABEL: Lemongrass Music

VERTRIEB: Nova Media Distribution


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Antennasia first hit the Tokyo club scene in 1999. Founded by programmer nerve and vocalist san.

Their sound takes form gradually and they get recognized in the down-tempo community with their early two albums in the CD-R format and their works get marked no.1 in Japans internet charts, steadily spreading overseas in forums and webzines.

Still with a decent dash of dub and triphop beats, antennasia released “Phased” in 2002 from Double Life Records, this time on international scale, leading to the single “Mamma, Mamma” getting airplay in Belgium, France and the Netherlands. Followed some radio and paper interviews, and a tour in Belgium and Holland in 2003 as well as in 2004, where antennasia appeared on festivals, sharing the bill with Sven Van Hees, Vive La Fte to name a few. As a consequence, antennasia won many hearts and, back home, received features in numerous paper magazines. Meanwhile their 4th album “Cinemice” was released in 2005. In a blend of deep electronics sound, dub and jazz, san’s vocal became more soulful and individual.

In 2005, antennasia supported the Lemongrass & Weathertunes live in Yokohama, it brought them the opportunity that their songs appear on Lemongrassmusic’s compilations. Also Ryuichi Sakamoto picked up their new songs for his Radio Sakamoto. Being nominated and played on the program many times up to the present. antennasia’s most successful album so far “23 Bluebird Street, Velo-City” was released in 2006 from forestnauts records. Ryuichi Sakamoto made a comment for the album : This is the music that I can be extremely relaxed to. It might be pop, and by arranging it can be danceable. I want them to make more music. I think they are a unit with a bright future. Derrick May says about the song “Sorrow (version about me)” from the same album : Sounds Beautiful. Sounds like Erykah Badu. I like it, it’s good! Good song.

Recently, world famous producers/DJ’s like DJ3000, Rob Smith, Embee, Lemongrass etc. remix antennasia’s songs and their first remix album “Velo-City : remixed” is about to be released. antennasia is also working on collaborations with many musicians all over the world.

(Quelle: MySpace Antennasia)


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