Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams (Collector's Edition) [Rock / Alternative]

RELEASE: 03.04.2009

LABEL: Rhino

VERTRIEB: Warner Music Group


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“To make an album that still sounds fresh and exciting more than 20 years after its first release is a rare accomplishment for any band. When a debut record endures that long, you're dealing with something truly special... The sound is singular and exciting, true to its own style and the personalities of the people who came up with it. Such music speaks to those who seek it and waylays those who stumble across it. Whether its audience is measured in millions or thousands, it's the only kind of rock 'n' roll (or most anything else in the cultural arena) that counts." (Dave Marsh)

The Bodeans' 1986 debut album LOVE & HOPE & SEX & DREAMS, named for lyrics from the Rolling Stones' song “Shattered,” introduced the band with an 11-song set of heartfelt rock 'n roll intertwining personal lyrics, seamless harmonies and rich, ringing guitars. Rhino's deluxe two-disc COLLECTOR'S EDITION contains a remastered version of the original Slash/Warner Bros. album on CD-now expanded with six bonus tracks including a new song and four previously unissued demos-and a previously unreleased 1985 concert on DVD.

The package also includes exclusive new liner notes by rock journalist Dave Marsh and an in-depth essay by BoDeans co-founder Kurt Neumann, who says, “I've always wanted to rerelease our first record, LOVE & HOPE & SEX & DREAMS. It was released when the format for music was going through transition, moving from vinyl and cassette tape to the compact disc, and it required changing analog music into digital code so it could be placed on an optical disc. That required a converter. And at the time there wasn't much thought about how good that conversion process was going to sound when compared to the original analog source-until you get to hear it the way it sounded when we first recorded it. I hope you like it.”

Neumann and Sammy Llanas formed the BoDeans in 1983 in Waukesha, Wisconsin. With LOVE & HOPE & SEX & DREAMS, they won critical acclaim and a wide following that voted the Bodeans the Best New American Band in Rolling Stone Magazine's 1998 readers' poll. Recorded in Los Angeles and produced by T-Bone Burnett-whose recent credits include the Alison Krauss and Robert Plant's Raising Sand and the GRAMMY®-winning soundtrack O Brother, Where Art Thou?-the Bodeans' debut album's highlights include “She's A Runaway,” “Still The Night,” “Angels” and “Fadeaway.”

On the COLLECTOR'S EDITION reissue, six bonus tracks include the new song “Janey” (available for the first time here) and “Try And Try,” the rare b-side of “Fadeaway.” Rhino also unearthed four unreleased demos that Neumann and Llana recorded during college, where they reportedly enrolled solely to gain access to the school's four-track recorder: “Amen,” “Small Town Ways,” “Sail Away” and “Turn Your Radio On.”

The DVD captures the BoDeans' previously unreleased performance at the storied Minneapolis nightclub First Avenue on July 15, 1985, before they were signed to Slash. During the hour-long show, they played 17 songs, previewing several that would appear on their debut the next year including “She's A Runaway,” “Rickshaw Riding,” “Misery” and “The Strangest Kind.” The concert also featured an early-version of “Janey,” the song that Neumann and Llanas recorded for the first time in 2008 especially for this COLLECTOR'S EDITION.

(Quelle: Rhino Records, 2009)


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