Camino Blue

Ten Short Stories [Electronic / Dance]

RELEASE: 30.03.2007

LABEL: Camino Blue

VERTRIEB: Groove Attack



Following the success of their vinyl releases forward-thinking drum & bass label Camino Blue Recordings have returned to their digital beginnings with a second compilation CD album to kick off their 2007 schedule. Featuring a refreshing blend of upcoming talent and some of the scene's most established producers, "Ten Short Stories" continues Camino Blue's ongoing philosophy of expanding the progressive template with every release.

This is the label's third compilation album following the well-received debut CD release "The Adventures of Astral Pirates" back in 2003 and the digital-only release "Silver Cycles" in 2006 (released via the likes of Beatport, Juno or iTunes to mention but a few shops), and is sure to be met with acclaim from the label's growing following. With contributions from producers from all over Europe, "Ten Short Stories" features the highly sought-after talents of Russia's Electrosoul System (Subtitles, Grid, Tangent, Covert Operations), the hugely popular Scottish outfit Future Engineers (Good Looking Records, 720, Vibez) and Camino Blue's own German collective P.B.K. (Fokuz, Warm Communications, Smokin Drum) amongst exciting newcomers to the scene like Mark J (Good Looking Records) from the UK and Hungary's Cord who has collaborated with fellow countryman SKC on Nerve Recordings.

Musically diverse in approach, but maintaining the distinctive sound of Camino Blue, "Ten Short Stories" is a sure-fire success for early 2007, filling the void in an atmospheric drum & bass scene still lacking support since labels have either folded or switched their attentions to other genres; once again with this release they will prove just how hungry the expanding market is and will continue to be.

01. PBK - Space Age
First up it's label stalwarts P.B.K. with a typically dreamy outing, lush melodies built with some beautiful strings blending perfectly with a complex yet inviting beat pattern and funky guitar riffs.

02. Electrosoul System - Lightsphere
The prolific Electrosoul System returns to Camino Blue after releases on Grid, Subtitles and Phuzion amongst others, with another deep track for his growing following. "Lightspere" comes with club-oriented beats and a soothing piano melody.

03. Cord - Mental Silence
Newcomer Cord makes his Camino Blue debut with a well-made dark composition centering around a heavy bassline and a rolling drum pattern.

04. Mark J - Eclectic Destination
Former Good Looking and Covert Operations artist Mark J is releasing for the third time with Camino Blue. The aptly titled "Eclectic Destination"'s heavy stabbing beats link up with blippy melodies to produce a very distinctive track.

05. Modemellow - Plasma Surface
Camino Blue's own Modemellow continues his noted progression as a producer with "Plasma Surface", a track brimming with urgency, guaranteed to move the discerning dancefloor with tight beats and eerie vocal usage.

06. B.Fuse - Time of Passion
Germany's B.Fuse offers a fresh bassline-oriented track linked with distinctive metallic beats and a minimal atmospheric vibe throughout.

07. Future Engineers - Stasis (Andy Bubbles VIP)
Camino Blue regulars Future Engineers take a back seat as newcomer Andy Bubbles takes up remixing duties this time around. "Stasis" (Andy Bubbles VIP) combines well-structured, snappy beats with an enveloping bassline and a sci-fi melody to create a vibe that builds and builds throughout. An impressive collaboration from the Scottish crew.

08. Electrosoul System - Brainscan
Electrosoul System claims his second spot on "Ten Short Stories" with "Brainscan". A techy, sinister effort with tight beats and a gnarly bassline that transcends dark and light genres well.

09. Mav - Northern Light
Covert Operations artist Mav lends his trademark tight production style to "Ten Short Stories" with "Northern Lights", a dancefloor-oriented track combining rolling beats with an eerie backdrop that will please fans of his outings on Covert Operations.

10. Pariah - Trajectories
Closing the album in style are acclaimed Birmingham outfit Pariah with their long-awaited return to physical releases following a recent resurgence on mp3 label Strictly Digital. Reminiscent of efforts on 720 Records in days gone by, "Trajectories" is a typically futuristic effort from Pariah with digital beats and bass that will satisfy their fan base.

(Quelle: Groove Attack, 6.2.2007)


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