Level-C [Hard / Heavy]

RELEASE: 11.07.2008

LABEL: Locomotive Music S.L.

VERTRIEB: Soulfood


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A hard-hitting slab of music with a modern edge, Level-C’s self-titled release is journey into the minds of this long-standing, hard-working Cleveland-based band.

“Level-C is real,” said vocalist Christine Maynard. “The lyrics were written about real experiences. The music was constructed with real emotion. When I listen to the songs, it’s like opening a diary of my life.”

Level-C has slugged it out for years, playing shows and honing their craft, which makes their first international release even sweeter.

“It took strength, endurance, and perseverance,” said guitarist Christina Crago. “That is why I got it tattooed on me - so I never forget.”

Level-C’s songs have matured through the process of playing live, which is where the group’s true energy and power shine through.

“You'll want to come back for more!” said drummer Misty Everson. “We live to be on stage and it's what we do best. You'll sweat, get bruises, you might even bleed, but you'll want to come to the next show!”

In addition to testing their songs in the live arena, Level-C has used modern tools like the internet and social networking sites to test the waters and grow their fanbase worldwide.

“We know there are so many other bands out there and we are thrilled to have been given this opportunity,” said Crago. “We will live up to all expectations! We owe so much to our fans for all the support and for hanging in there with us. They knew this day would come.”

“Maynard is a pitbull, a pugilist and a princess who barks threats one minute (‘Suck a Fist’) and sings floating, breathy melodies the next (‘Misery’). In a beat, cuts like ‘Chain Melody’ organically flow from nü-metal groove to thrash sprints. The city hasn’t produced a bigger potential breakout since Chimaira first cut its teeth and Mushroomhed were torn between masks and makeup.”

(Quelle: Locomotive Music S.L.)


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