12 Steps [Electronic / Dance]

RELEASE: 08.08.2008

LABEL: Plant Music

VERTRIEB: Groove Attack


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2007 saw Baltimore Club music – a sound that has for a decade or so been confined to the city which gives it its name – cross over, spreading across the United States and overseas. A clever combination of hip hop attitude and house music energy, Baltimore Club has proven to be the answer to the “what’s next?” question that has left many people scratching their heads as hip hop’s former appeal has dulled. Smack dab in the middle of this wave is Washington D.C. bred DJ/producer Jesse Tittsworth, who for the past few years has been lighting up blogs and dancefloors with his edits and remixes galore which have taken this formerly obscure music man on a non-stop whirlwind of touring, notching up festivals and headlining clubs in just about any place on earth where club music means anything.

Tittsworth’s debut album, the not so anonymous “12 Steps”, showcases his talent as producer, not content with simply editing and remixing other people’s music. Instead, he has crafted an original record of beats and songs that draw from different genres and places on the map, demonstrating the full gamut of Tittworth’s vision.

The first guest vocalists heard on the record are tomorrow’s stars, Fool’s Gold/Downtown Records’ Kid Sister from Chicago and Pase Rock of Spank Rock (and formerly 5 Deez) fame. On “WTF”, a club record that kicks like a mule, Kid Sis and Pase drop clever, party-flavoured speed raps while Santi White of Santogold lays down the unforgettable chorus. From there, Tittsworth invites Detroit kind of ghetto-tech, DJ Assault – a legend of ridiculous proportions – to get behind the boards and mic, resulting in a collaboration that is not only a party monster, but one of the funniest raps you have heard since the humpty dance. Taking a slight left turn, “Almond Joy” mellows things out a bit, but still keeps it club with a sweet and sexy R&B number written and performed by NYC veteran songwriter Michelle Bell, who has penned hits for Mary J Blige, Jennifer Lopez and others. “12 Steps” continues to entertain and keep it club with the unabashedly titled “Drunk As F*ck” featuring West Coast hyphy group The Federation. “Here He Comes” with its R&B/pop flavour features Jamaican songstress Nina Sky as well as a hot 16 from Cuban-American and Miami-based Pitbull whose fast aggressive emceeing has always lent itself well to Bmore Club music, and here is no exception. Taking it back to Bmore Tittsworth then revisits the monster club classic by DJ Class, “Tear The Club Up”, but updating it for 2008.

(Quelle: Groove Attack, 4.7.2008)


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